Welcome to You Would Be Shocked

Welcome to the website of You Would be Shocked - an information clearinghouse for the dog owners of Nova Scotia who are thinking about what kind of training they want to use for their dog.

This site will give you information about trainers who use science based dog training, we also talk about what is called "balanced training" - what it is, and let you know the difference between that and science based dog training.

There are a lot of dog rescues who are using "balanced trainers" so we have a section of the site that talks about rescues in Nova Scotia who are committed to using trainers who use science based dog training - we believe it is very important - especially for rescue dogs who can sometimes come from traumatized situations.

As well - we talk about the "5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare" - if you haven't heard about it before - it is a must read!

We also have a lot of links to articles about how the devices that "balanced trainers" use actually work, and other articles to give you some things to think about.

We hope that you'll have a look around, read the articles and think about the information that is presented here before you contact trainers of which ever modality you choose.

Thanks for reading.