Hierarchy of a dog's needs

The "Hierarchy of Dog Needs" was developed by Linda Michaels, MA - you can read all about it on her website at http://www.dogpsychologistoncall.com/hierarchy-of-dog-needs-tm/ and an interesting thing about her website that you should check out is her "about me" page - it lists all her qualifications - it's huge - her credentials go on and on and on, unlike other types of trainers who have just gone to seminars and are basically just autodidacts and then from that consider themselves dog trainers.

This Hierarchy of a Dog's Needs is a force free alternative to other types of dog training and meets all your dog's needs in terms of modifying behaviour and does it in a certain order so that your dog will feel safe, healthy, secure, and bonded with you - the most important thing in their life - which is how things are supposed to work.

You can either go to the website we've provided at the top of this page or click on the picture and save it so you can print it out - but whichever way you choose to look at this graphic, you should do it - or google the term - you'll get lots of good results.  It's a very important tool for force free training and you will build a great relationship with your dog if you choose to use this way of interacting with the most important sentient being in your life.

As well - Linda Michaels has an e-book called "The Do No Harm™ Dog Training Manual" - Force Free Training for Pet Parents which is awesome that you can download at https://gumroad.com/l/trainingmanual - Linda Michaels describes it as:

"The Do No Harm™ Dog Training Manual was designed as my own personal guide for teaching basic manners classes, and evolved into a reference manual for my private behavior consultations. Created as a practical guide for either or both training formats, it is also helpful for pet parents who want an inside look at dog training and behavior, as well as for those who seek force-free solutions for specific problems. Written with love for the "heartbeats at our feet".

It does cost $24 American - but it is well worth the cost from one of the best minds in the force free dog training community.

The great thing is, once you have read the book there is an associated facebook group you can join so you can talk with like minded individuals at "Do No Harm Dog Training"