Suggested Reading

Here are some of the books that are on my book shelf - I've broken them up into 2 categories - political and non-political - the non-political ones are not particularly training books but are rather more bonding, relationship building books but are also training type books too.  They are sort of a holistic living with your dog as if they are your whole life type books because that is how your dogs should be - your whole life.

This is just a selection of my own personal collection - the links are to Amazon Canada - if there's no link on the book it means it's not on Amazon as of the writing of this post - maybe you can find it used somewhere if it's a book that sounds interesting to you - you might want to google the title and see what you find out :)

The titles are in no particular order

Bones Would Rain from the Sky - Suzanne Clothier

The Culture Clash - Jean Donaldson

Feeling Outnumbered? How to Manage and Enjoy Your Multi-Dog Household - Karen B London and Patricia B McConnell

Dog Medicine - How My Dog Saved My Life - Julie Barton

Before & After Getting A Dog - Ian Dunbar
You can also download this for free from Dog Star Daily
It comes in 2 parts
Before you get your Puppy
After you get your Puppy
Ian Dunbar - who is one of the best dog trainers in the world - has a ton of free downloadable articles on his website at Dog Star Daily - you can find them - here

The Truth About Dogs - Stephen Budiansky

What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Dog - Edited by Steven D. Hales

For The Love Of A Dog - Patricia MCConnell

Off The Leash, A Year at the Dog Park - Matthew Gilbert

Biography of a Beagle - Gail MacMillan

Animals in Translation - Temple Grandin

Dog Sense - John Bradshaw

Dog Love - Marjorie Garber

Pukka's Promise The Quest for Longer Lived Dogs - Ted Kerasote

Pack of Two - Caroline Knapp

Dogs are from Neptune - Jean Donaldson

Mine - Jean Donaldson

Visitng the Dog Park, Having Fun, Staying Safe - Cheryl S. Smith

Plenty in Life is Free, Reflections on Dogs, Training and Finding Grace - Kathy Sdao

Everything you need to know:  E Collar training - Larry Krohn

Dump Dog - Silvia Jay - out of print - so if you see it in a used book store - scoop it up because it's awesome

The Dog Whisperer - Paul Owens

Through a Dogs Eyes - Jennifer Arnold

Love is All you Need - Jennifer Arnold

More Political Books

Animal Liberation - Peter Singer

What the Dog Knows, - Scent, Sicence and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World - Cat Warren

Irreconcilable Differences:  The Battle for the Heart and Soul of America's Shelters - Nathan Winograd

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows:  An Introduction to Carnism - Melanie Joy

Introduction to Animal Rights:  Your Children or the Dog - Gary L. Francione

Rattling the Cage:  Toward Legal Rights for Animals - Steven M. Wise

Welcome Home - Nathan Winograd

Harvest for Hope:  A guide to Mindful Eating - Jane Goodall

Redemption - Nathan Winograd

Unleashed Fury:  The Political Struggle for Dog Friendly Parks - Julie Walsh

What Animals Can Teach us About Spirituality - Diana L. Guerrero

New York's Poop Scoop Law, Dogs, the dirt, and due Process - Michael Brandow

On God and Dogs - Stephen H Webb

What's a Dog For? The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy and Politics of Man's Best Friend - John Homans

Raising the Peaceable Kingdom:  What Animals Can Teach Us About the Social Origins of Tolerance and Friendship - Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson - couldn't find it on Amazon