articles about shock collars/e-collars

Here are some good articles to read when considering whether to use a trainer who uses shock/e-collars as part of their training program:

The #1 website for Canadians who are concerned about shock collars and the site that's been around the longest is "" - it is an advocacy site that is concerned about the use and proliferation of the devices - if you have concerns about the use of shock collars/e-collars you should go here first - they have a lot of good information - the authors of this website have built a 2nd very interesting website to build awareness around different collars called "" that you should also check out

A lady who has written quite a few articles about shock collars and has a lot of information about them is "Eileenanddogs" - you can find them on one page at

One very good page on her blog is an article called "Is it really just a tap? Shock collar training explained"

Another good blogger/trainer is Yvette Van Veen and she wrote a blog entitled "Pinch me AKA Prong me" that talks about when she put these devices around her own neck and what happened.  It's very good.

An article called "Don't shock the dog" - "Dog training, canine coaching and any canine consultation is about stepping into the dog’s mind and looking out through their eyes in order to understand why they are behaving a certain way. Then carefully communicating to the dog what we would like them to do instead. Finally making the change worthwhile to the dog, not just to the people around him

A classic - "Shock Collars are not like TENS Machines"

From "Respect your dog - Arguments used by proponents of shock collars

From Companion Animal Psychology - "the end for shock collars?"

From Paws Abilities - the problem with remote collars

From the Pet Professional Guild - the shocking truth

Usually gun dog trainers all train their dogs with shock collars - this one does not - "Expert dog trainer Robert Milner says heck no to shock collars"

From Victoria Stilwell - "Every dog owner should know about this new shock collar study"

Electronic Dog training Collars - a comparison of the best products on the market

Canine aggression issues with Jim Crosby

Shock Collars - what manufacturers don't want you to know